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We take responsibilty for people, economy, society and environment. We develop succesful projects. Sustainable, partnership-based and responsible thinking guides our actions. We are your contact for strategic questions, changes in the company, technological challenges and innovative products.

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An agile and flexible corporate culture with flat hierarchies

As a company with flat hierarchies, we live dynamic and flexible corporate culture. Our social competence, entrepreneurial thinking, comprehensive understanding of technologies, creativity and clarity of strategy drive our employees to deliver outstanding performance in complex situations.

We are the innovative and internationally active consulting partner that focuses on all phases of strategy and organisational development, from the planning to the management of complex projects.




Be part of next level project management

Dr. Stefan Schwerdtner previously worked as an employed manager in various IT and energy supply companies or was a partner and managing director of these companies.

In 2003 he decided to create a new model of management consulting: In addition to profound expertise, a passion for complex tasks and their solutions, it was and is important to him to manage the entrusted projects and programmes with social competence.

Especially in times of multicultural cooperation and hyper-networking, respect, appreciation, honesty and solidarity all to often contribute to project success. This culture applies both inside and outside CRATOS. Thus, the CRATOS management has succeeded in forming a geographically dispersed, yet strong and determined team with its employees based throughout Europe. CRATOS managers support each other – across all departments. On this basis, each CRATOS manager always represents the entire team and its knowledge. This benefits CRATOS’ clients, as it increases the precision, efficiency and sustainability of solutions.

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We take responsibilty for people, economies, society and environment

CRATOS is more than a consultancy firm. We take responsibility for people, economies, society and environment. Sustainable, collaborative and responsible thinking guides our actions. We are your contact for questions on strategy, company changes, technological challenges and innovation. Our fundamental values are: precision, efficiency, competence, determination and innovation.

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Working at CRATOS means learning and creating. We regularly challenge our own work in order to constantly develop ourselves as employees and as a company.

As a growing company with an ever wider range of tasks, we are constantly looking for clever minds who are not afraid of responsibility and bring fresh ideas and good arguments.